Top 5: Largest container ships in the world

Container ships are one of the most widely used forms of product transportation and play an absolutely vital role in the distribution of goods across the globe. Container ships ensure the smooth running and flow of the supply chain around the world.

largest container ship

The following list contains the container ships that are the carry the most capacity in terms of TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit).

1. HMM Algeciras 

First on this list, is the HMM Algeciras. This ship measures at 24,000 TEU capacity, making it the largest in the world. There are only 12 ships in the world that have this kind of capacity. 

The HMM Algeciras is the first of its family, including the HMM Copenhagen, HMM Dublin, HMM Gdansk, HMM Hamburg, HMM Le Havre, and the HMM Helsinki. All of these ships share the same container capacity, and all belong to the South Korean carrier HMM. The length of the HMM Algeciras measures at a length of 399.9 meters and has a beam of 61 meters. 

2. HMM Oslo

The HMM Oslo is the sister ship of the world’s largest ship, the HMM Algeciras, and is also the sister ship of the HMM Copenhagen. This ship was constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries and made its voyage in 2020, alongside its sister ships. The HMM Oslo has a carrying capacity of 23,792 TEU, making it the second largest container ship in the world, behind the HMM Algeciras. HMM Oslo also has a length of 399.9 meters and a beam of 61.5 meters. 

3. MSC Gulsun 

The MSC Gulsun is the third largest container ship in the world, with a carrying capacity of 23,756 TEU, only a 36 TEU difference from the HMM Oslo. The MSC Gulsun is the first ship of its kind that can transport 24 containers side by side across the breadth of its hull. The MSC Gulsun was built in 2019 in South Korea and is the first of the 11 Gulsun-class ships, including the MSC Mina, MSC Isabella, MSC Arina and MSC Sixin. Each of these ships, however, have a lower capacity of 100 TEU. The MSC Gulsun is also 399.9 meters in length and 61.5 meters in beam. 

4. MSC Mina 

The MSC Mina is operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Company and also belongs to the Gulsun class of shipping containers. The MSC Mina’s carrying capacity is 23, 656 TEU. Its length is 399.77 meters, and the beam is 61.04 meters. 

5. CMA CGM Jacques Saadé

The CMA CGM Jacques Saadé is powered by liquified natural gas (LNG) and is one of the world’s largest containerships that is powered by this. This ship has a capacity of 23,000 TEU and is 400 meters in length and has a beam of 61 meters. 

The CMA CGM Jacques Saadé was the first of its series to be laid down in the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) shipyard in July 2018. 2 years later, the ship went into operation, connecting Asia to Northern Europe in the French Asia Line 1 (FAL1). 

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