Offering a wide range of Shipping & Forwarding Services

We believe every shipment and delivery is unique and are proud of our strong focus on providing genuine, caring customer service at excellent rates.

  • Ocean Freight

    Oceanside Logistics has carefully built a global network of trusted partners and strong relationships with all major shipping lines, which means that our experienced and passionate team will handle your import and export ocean freight requirements with ease.

    As our customer you will get to know your dedicated key account manager who will handle all aspects of your shipment and keep you informed at each stage.

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  • Air Freight

    Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to build great relationships with key contacts at all major airlines to make sure we are as well-equipped as we can be to expedite your import and export air freight requirements.

    We know that many customers need us to move quickly and provide a service that truly takes the pressure and stress out of organising air freight deliveries.

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  • Road Freight

    We’ve spent years growing and evolving our road freight services in response to the needs of our customers to create a flexible, comprehensive range of options to suit you.

    Our specialists will look at a range of transport and delivery options to make sure that in trusting us with your road freight you get the best possible service and value for money.

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  • Rail Freight

    Arranging for your cargo to be transported by rail to China or Germany can be hugely beneficial for a number of reasons.

    Rail freight is 50% faster than sea freight, and much more cost effective than sea freight, giving you a third option when importing goods from Asia.

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Worldwide service with a personal touch

Oceanside’s offices are strategically located across the globe providing our customers with the highest level of service.

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Marine Insurance

The security and protection of your cargo is not just important to you; it matters to us too.

Our team of experts will design a bespoke marine insurance policy to protect your shipment at every stage right up until delivery. This includes high-value and sensitive material deliveries, so you can relax knowing that from the moment your cargo leaves the supplier every eventuality is covered.

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