Plans Announced Plans Help Employees Cover Extra Energy Costs

Energy Crisis

On Wednesday Oceanside Logistics Ltd announced they will be giving all employees a cost of living raise amid rising energy, food, and petrol prices. The raise for each employee will amount to at least £750 and will be separate to other incentives and raises offered by the company.

The announcement came as energy prices increased in April by over 50% to an average of £750-a-year.

“We know everyone is struggling to cover these extra costs, and we want to do what we can do to help our employees through these difficult times,” said Oceanside Director Harry Green.

Oceanside Logistics employees 28 people in their Southampton offices. The company is celebrating 11 years in the freight forwarding business this year.

“We are in the fortunate situation to be able to give these raises at this time and we want our employees to know they are valued and appreciated,” Green said.