International Operators Licenses

The UK Government has confirmed that from 21st May 2022 significant changes to international freight licenses will come into effect.

Driving License

Changes to the required licenses

UK freight drivers operating Light Goods Vehicles will now need an International Operators License in order to be able to transport goods into Europe. This will affect any company operating vans or cars with trailers over 2.5 tons.

The change is part of new border policing policies that have resulted from the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. UK drivers require an HGV license and an operating (O) license to transport goods within the UK and the O license previously covered transporting goods into Europe. But from 21st May 2022 UK operators will also require the International Operators License.

What do operators need to do?

Fortunately, if you already have an operators license you can apply for the international operators license and it onto your existing license. It might take a little while to be approved, but companies should still be able to operate in Europe. If you don’t already have an O license you’ll need to apply for this via the HMRC website first.

How we can help

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