Generation Logistics: a careers and awareness campaign

Generation Logistics is the vaccine program in response to the global crisis that is the lack of people working in the logistics industry. While being a careers program to promote the logistics industry the overall goal is to keep the UKs shops, schools, hospitals and factories supplied with the goods they need to keep functioning.


Industry Supported

The campaign is being co-ordinated by Logistics UK and the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport, in partnership with the Department for Transport, has already gained significant support and sponsorship from a wide range of businesses of all sizes from across the logistics industry.

By shining a spotlight on the complex nature of the UKs interconnected logistics industry, the campaign is aiming to attract and develop a new generation of talent to fill vacancies. In turn this will also future-proof the sector.

The Generation Logistics campaign also has a web portal which contains career advice and guidance, video content, features, news and a job board. They’re also looking at a number of key demographics and making sure that they know the opportunities that are available to them.

Highly skilled jobs


The perception of the logistics industry as a low skilled employment route is often a poorly informed opinion. The reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth, at almost every level of the logistics industry people have unique skills and knowledge that sets them apart from the other sectors.

We saw how vital these roles were at the start of the pandemic when a lot of people were suddenly awakened to the importance of the supply chain, something that under normal circumstances is barely noticed.

By demonstrating to people entering the jobs market just how many opportunities there are, the transferable skills that can be gained and the career progression there is within every part of the logistics industry, the Generation Logistics campaign wants to change perceptions and show the security that the logistics industry offers.