Booming Business Demonstrates Value of Port Investment

Dover’s Western Docks received £250m of post-Covid investment and business has thrived during June because of it. The port also has a jam-packed summer ahead of scheduled services and inaugural ship calls.

Dover Dock

Diversifying trade

The Port of Dover’s state-of-the-art cargo terminal opened to perishable freight at the end of 2019, an already established trade, and is now experiencing a growing bulkbreak trade amongst many other cargo types.

It also received its first consignment of steel in 2021 and has seen significant growth in this commodity since, seeing an ever-widening steel product portfolio – including rebar, plate, coil, mesh and beams.

Growth of cruise traffic

The investment in cruise berths means that the port can accommodate up to three cruise ships at once. Carnival Cruises have returned to the port for the first time since 2013 and there have been inaugural visits by Lindblad Expeditions’ vessel National Geographic Explorer and Sea Cloud Spirit.

There’s the unique attraction of being able to depart from the historic Kent coastline and in the shadow the world-famous White Cliffs before going on to explore destinations around Europe.

Further options for importers and exporters

If you’re looking to import or export goods into the UK, especially perishables and bulkbreak goods, then the Port of Dover offers a lot of versatility.

If you have goods that need specialist handling or need them to be moved through the South East of England then get in touch with Oceanside Logistics and we’ll be able to liaise with you on the best way to get your consignment to where it’s needed.

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