No Deal Brexit – EORI registration!

The Government have this week issued a warning that if the UK leaves the EU under a no deal Brexit ALL businesses trading with Europe will need to have an up to date EORI number from 29th March 2019. 

You need an EORI number to trade goods with countries outside the EU. If you’re based outside the EU you need an EORI number to trade goods with the UK.

It is free to apply and involves only a one time application form. You’ll get your EORI number by email, usually within 3 working days. Check your spam folder if it’s not in your inbox. Give the number to your courier or freight forwarder. They’ll use it when making customs declarations on your behalf.

Please follow the following links for more information:

With LESS THAN 100 DAYS to go until the UK leaves the EU time is of the essence. Getting your application though in a timely manor means less stress towards end of March, so please act IMMEDIATELY.

If you have any further questions or need any support please contact us at your earliest convenience.