Further delay to CDS Switchover


Further delay to CDS Switchover

HMRCs announcement that the CDS Switchover will come into effect from the beginning of October has been rescinded after a chaotic month with businesses unable to train their staff in time.

There have also been many complaints that HMRC are not able to respond to those who are having issues with the switchover, and just signpost them back to their own guidance.

HMRC maintain that there has been a suitable timeframe allowed to migrate to CDS – particularly given that it first came into operation in 2018 – with many traders having comfortably made the switch in plenty of time before the deadline. However many feel there has been a lack of support and understanding, especially for smaller firms, and as of June (according to the Loadstar) as many as 220,000 traders had not yet registered.

Importers can now apply for an extension to the deadline and to temporarily continue using CHIEF until 31 October. HMRC told stakeholders last week that a valid reason must be given for firms to be granted the extension.

When applying, businesses will need to provide the EORI number for their business and any subsidiaries they may be requesting an extension for.

Successful applicants will need to show that they are committed to completing the migration to CDS once their extension has elapsed.

For further information please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/customs-declaration-service

Source – The Loadstar / www.export.org.uk