Europe’s largest truck stop has opened in Kent

Ashford International truck stop has recently opened in Kent, offering space for up to 650 HGVs. The Kent truck stop will be the largest truck stop in Europe. The stop was unveiled on Friday 3rd December by The Rt Hon. the Baroness Vere of Norbiton at Ashford International.

truck stop

It is hoped that the park will reduce the pressure on the existing facility and will be the first or last stop for many drivers as they enter or leave the UK. It is located near (J10/10A) M20.

There have been many recent arguments about the working conditions of HGV truck drivers, and it is hoped that this new truck stop will build moral among the truck driving community and provide them with better facilities. Previously, trucks have been parking illegally on verges and in residential roads, so the new stop has been welcomed.

These problems have been arising in Kent for years, and hopefully with the new truck stop, these issues will cease to arise.

Trucker Jac Jacobs from Holland has been transporting goods across the Continent and the UK for 40 years. He said, “The new facilities are very good. From what I’ve seen, you need more places like this, not only in the UK but all over Europe.

“At the moment you have to park all over the place, in a lay-by- it’s terrible. It’s not even always safe as in the morning you get rid of your fuel so you need more facilities like this to rely on all over Europe.”

The new facilities include:
• Fully-fitted out kitchen and restaurant serving freshly cooked meals 24/7
• Bar
• Games room
• Relaxation and wi-fi booths
• Laundry
• Toilet and shower facilities (male and female)
• Shop
• 6 bedrooms
• State-of-the-art gym
• Coffee station
• Electric hook ups for refrigerated lorries

Roads minister, Baroness Vere said, “We know so many trucks go through Kent to make important journeys across the Channel, and we need somewhere for them to park up and rest for overnight stays. This development is absolutely fantastic.

“It’s bright, it’s airy, it’s got food and showers, and actually it’s a very nice place to stay overnight.

“This replaces an existing truck stop quite close by, except it’s bigger and better. There is an issue with parking across the country for lorries and we do need to address that, and the Government is looking at what we can do with planning permission. We have a fund of £32 million to help find more lorry parks because it’s so important we look after our truckers because they do so much for us.

“There is a lack of drivers, a small part is potentially because of drivers going back after Brexit, but actually this is a long-standing problem. There is a shortage of drivers in the majority of European countries and most of the US. But the key to getting drivers back to driving and getting new drivers into the system is making sure we look after them.”

“We need to look after our drivers, and we need to pay them properly to make sure they can do their jobs so they get our goods where we need them.”

If you have any questions regarding the new truck stop, please get in touch.