Call for new Humber Bridge in North England

It is being argued that a second Humber Bridge should be built in between Hull and Immingham in order to attempt to speed up freight movements across Northern England.

Humber Bridge

It has been argued by Associated British Ports (ABP) that a new Humber bridge would help to aid in reducing congestion.

The agency said the flood project was a potential “idea” for the future.

“This is just one of many long-term options that are being looked at for the region to manage long-term tidal flood risk and no proposal has yet been made,” said an EA spokeswoman.

Running several sites in the Humber region, ABP has said that it oversaw 17% of the nation’s trade. Nearly 7,000 HGVs use its four Humber ports, which includes Grimsby and Goole.

A second bridge would “benefit the nation” and boost the regional economy, the firm said.

“Putting in a new crossing would reduce congestion in Hull, forge new economic ties between Grimsby and Hull, and build resilience into the road network so traffic from the ports on both banks of the Humber have alternative routes when incidents or congestion occurs,” ABP said.

A consultation into the freight and logistics industry by Transport for the North. A response to this was to create a new Humber crossing.

Also, in a bid to improve reliability and reduce carbon emissions, ABP suggested moving some road freight onto the rail network.

However, the company also said that in order to make this shift cost effective, freight on railways would have to be given higher priority than at present, as currently, passenger trains are given priority on the tracks.

“Too often, freight trains are shunted into sidings to allow passenger trains to pass and an increase to rail freight priorities will help,” ABP said.

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